Hennops Hiking Trail One Day Hiking Adventure


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This unspoiled family farm is in a truly tranquil setting and its natural beauty includes the Hennops river flowing through a valley bordered by mountain ranges to the north and south. In addition to these recreational facilities, other areas of the property are currently utilised for cattle grazing and irrigated crop cultivation. The overall environment with its striking natural beauty and abundant water lends itself perfectly towards nature-related activities for either tranquillity or thrill-seeking residents of the Johannesburg and Pretoria urban areas.


Before choosing whether you can go for a Krokodilberg trail (10km), a Zebra trail (5km) or a Dassie trail (2,5km) or even deciding to go for the Hennops Picnic Spot which is situated next to the Hennops River itself, we need to pick you up at 0730hrs at the pick-up point before departing for Hennops. A quick 35-minute ride will leave you right inside Hennops where you will embark on your hiking adventure. Lunch will be served at the picnic spot. After a swim and relaxation and even more hiking, we depart for Joburg for a 1700hrs drop-off. Bring a friend, let’s get fit together, don’t be selfish!

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