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Mutarazi Sky walk

Activity Description: The SkyWalk is truly unique, a first for Zimbabwe and the world. The 2 suspension bridges are designed to look like vines above the falls allowing for the first time a full panoramic view of the Mutarazi Falls and its surroundings. The SkyWalk consists of two bridges – the one 30m that take you over the lip of the Falls and the other 90m that is above the entire Falls. If you ever dreamed of walking in mid-air then this is for you. The activity takes roughly 10 minutes.  

Duration : 10 minutes

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Zip Line

Activity Description: The SkyLine is the most beautiful zip line in the world. Depending on the day and weather you may find yourself flying through clouds or crystal clear skies over the 2nd highest waterfall in Africa. At an estimated height of 500m and flying for 400m at 50-70km/h it is both uplifting and exhilarating. With a minimalistic and eco-friendly design, we hope the sensation allows you to connect to the natural world, waterfall, and sky around you as the wind blows through your hair and the adrenaline pumps through your veins. The activity takes roughly 20 minutes. 

Duration : 20 minutes

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Lunch - Cruise

Activity Description: The Zambezi Sunset cruise is a superb way to relax and enjoy the Spectacular beauty of the Zambezi River. There are great photo opportunities against often-spectacular African sunsets. Flocks of birds skim the waterline as the sun sets behind the African skyline. Clients may have the opportunity to see a variety of game; including hippo, crocodile, and elephant as well as enjoy the many different bird species. The Sunset cruise is very popular and includes finger snacks, beer, wine, local spirits, and soft drinks. The activity takes roughly I hour. 

Duration : 1 hours 0 minutes

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Flight over the Falls

Activity Description: The spectacular helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls is known as the 'Flight of Angels'. David Livingstone famously wrote on seeing the Victoria Falls for the first time in 1855 that "Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight". Little did he know that 150 years later he could have exactly that opportunity. The best way to appreciate the true splendor of the Victoria Falls is to view them from the air. Our helicopters have specially designed 'bubble shaped' windows perfect for panoramic viewing and great photographic opportunities from all seats. Due to the close proximity of Maramba Aerodrome to the Zambezi River, the helicopters are over the spectacular scenery of the Zambezi River within 30 seconds after take-off. Activity takes roughly 15 minutes.

Duration : 15 minutes

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Gorge Swing

Activity Description: The Wild Horizons Gorge Swing is a thrilling and mind blowing experience. Leap into the wide-open air as you plunge into the mouth of the Batoka gorge, Victoria Falls. Scream as you break free of the fear and trepidation you felt before you threw yourself off the platform. Zero Gravity! Imagine swinging in a child's swing in the playground...now imagine a giant swing 95 m long and 120 m high above water...now imagine a 70 m free fall before you begin swinging. Stop imagining and come and try it out! Our high wire is suspended across the gorge at a point where the width is 316 m and 120 m deep. A harness is attached to the jumper and then the jumping ropes, the other end of which is pivoted to the middle of the cable. The jumper leaps off the edge of the gorge, free falling about 70 m before going into a 95 m long pendulum type swing. Activity takes roughly 10 minutes 

Duration : 10 minutes

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Rafting - Low Water - Zimbabwe

Activity Description: This will be one of those days that you will remember for the rest of your life and whatever time of year you go you are going to get wet... very wet. Names of rapids like Stairway to Heaven, The Terminator, The Washing Machine, Judgment Day, Devils Toilet Bowl and Oblivion, give you a small insight into what to expect. Victoria Falls White Water Rafting was really the first of the adrenaline activities to start in Victoria Falls in the early 1980's. It was through this sport that adrenaline addicts travelled from all over the world to have a go at what is rated as the best one-day rafting trip in the world. Activity takes roughly 3 hours 20 minutes.

Duration : 3 hours 20 minutes

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Victoria Falls High Wire

Activity Description: These High Wire activities like the bungee jump are for the total adrenaline junkies. The gorge swing is especially terrifying and it will simply blow you away! Activity takes roughly 1 hour 30 minutes.

Duration : 1 hours 30 minutes

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Bungi Jump Solo - Transfers Excluded

Activity Description: Surely jumping 111 meters off the Victoria Falls Bridge has to be one of the most challenging, terrifying, and crazy things to do. It's a must-do. Some say it's the best Bungee in the world...it's not the highest, that honor goes to Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa which is an incredible 233m. Maybe it is because of the backdrop of the Victoria Falls or maybe just the fact that you are free-falling down towards the mighty Zambezi. Whatever it is, it is a massive adrenaline rush!! Activity takes roughly 30 minutes. 

Duration : 30 minutes

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Victoria Falls Devils Pool and Livingstone Island Tour

Activity Description: The Devils Swimming Pool and Livingstone Island Tour is an exhilarating and memorable experience. This activity is only available from the Zambian side of Victoria Falls. Livingstone Island was opened in 1992 to provide exclusive and unique picnics on the edge of the Victoria Falls. It is a protected area that is only allowed a maximum of 24 people on at any one time. The utmost care is taken to protect and preserve the natural habitat of the area. There is only one company that has been issued with an exclusive operator's license to conduct the Livingstone Island and Devils swimming pool tours. Activity takes roughly 3 hours 20 minutes. 

Duration : 3 hours 20 minutes

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